Monday, February 27, 2012


Well, all of that wonderful energy that I had this weekend went out the door when my car wouldn't start this morning. (good thing I have good people around me to come pick me up for school!) I walked into my classroom with 8 beautiful faces staring at me as well daily folder that are EMPTY! Planning on making it to school early today didn't really happen... so, I had to make due. I got everything printed within the first 20 minutes of the day and everything went off without a problem. Pan to end of school day: my car is in the garage, I am at school, and have no way to get home. (I am a baseball widow until the end of the summer now) I am glad my father in law and dad are there to help me. Got home, car started, and oil changed (with a side of -new battery-) When I got home, overwhelmed with the amount of frustration of the day, I got straight to chopping! Chopping up the salad, that is. Tomorrow is the teacher luncheon for February birthdays (yours truly included)! Making salad for 50+ people is a larger task than I expected. 
I am in no way complaining because I was forced to stay at work and do the small things that I never seem to get around to. I helped my principal create her first twitter account. The excitement that technology can bring is amazing! It really brings people together. The men at the oil change/battery place were so helpful and kind. I didn't feel like they were just selling me a new battery! 
Here is to a smoother day tomorrow and a fun start to celebrating the wonderful life of Dr. Seuss and his amazing work!

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