Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Well, my hallway at school is officially Dr. Seuss'ed out! It looks great with the truffula trees, the Cat in the Hat, the Foot book man, and of course all of the Thing 1's and Thing 2's jumping around. I will post pictures tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow... we get to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday!! Woo Hoo! I am making a delicious treat for the kids... take a look-->
Yummy! We will also be having popcorn from the trees in How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Schlott's Knots (pretzels) Blue Goo (Blue Juice) and Animals from If I Ran The Circus/Zoo(animal crackers). I love to get the kids excited about different books because gravitate toward new books in the classroom. I see some students read the same book OVER and OVER. I get tired of it, so I don't know how they aren't. I know that a lot of them are a bit scared to take that little leap to a new book. (I know I have the same issues at times...I like being comfortable with what I am already doing... Why change it up?) But, I too have to take those leaps, big or little.

I have a great kindergarten quote today: I must preface- At our morning meeting, a child said, is Dr. Seuss  DEAD? I say,  "yes". Another student spoke up: "We shouldn't say DEAD, we should say passed away. It is just a nicer way of saying it!" (I agreed and from then on, that is what we said)  After a while, we were all in our literacy centers working hard on the new Dr. Seuss material. A little girl comes over to me, after looking at 15+ displayed Dr. Seuss books. She says...

"Mrs. Edmonds, I really miss Dr. Seuss." (as if they had been friends their whole life!)

It is amazing where books can take us! I know I can get pretty attached to characters and specific authors. I am so blessed to see children falling in love with authors, illustrators, and specific books! How exciting!

Have a Great Night! Dream of Dr. Seuss! :)



  1. Hi Alexis! Saw your blog link on FB:) Great it! I hope all is well:)

    1. Thanks Krista! :) Miss You! Hope all is going well with you as well!