Monday, May 28, 2012


Well, it has been a LONG time for my posting. Life has really gotten busy with the end of school coming quickly, baseball season coming to a dramatic close, and just my lack of dedication.

I have had a few interviews... so the wait is on. Super hard for me, but what happens, happens. I hope and pray nightly that one will be the perfect fit for me and I will fulfill my goal to be a teacher.

I got to spend a fun, relaxing weekend with John and family. It was great to just relax and not dwell on what may happen. I continue to look for jobs and do what I can to get one.

I have a busy 4 day week of school. I will try to keep up with the blog. No promises. I just ask for prayers that the Lord will help me with my patience and find me a job!

Here is an updated picture of John and I at the Olentangy Baseball Banquet (ignore the stache')

Monday, May 14, 2012


Monday. Whew was it busy!!

After school today, I had a list of things to do all before my meeting. 1. fill out injury report 2. get sub plans ready for two days of jury duty 3. get to my meeting 4. head home after my meeting, feed dogs, take dogs out, change my clothes 5. head to the Braves baseball game.

All of this by 5:00. I did pretty good. I made it by 5:20 and it was a great game. The Braves pulled out a win!! Woo Hoo!

I am glad to be home and able to relax and watch the tube. I love to just relax. Jury duty tomorrow and Wednesday. I think this week is going to fly by!



Well, today was day seven of the diet. I didn't do the only soup day. I 'gave up' so to speak. It was Mother's Day and I wanted to celebrate with family. I had my own little celebration with a DIET COKE! Yum! I love it. It isn't terribly hard to miss when you used to have 3 a day.. but I limited myself to a small amount.
We celebrated Mother's Day with John's side of the family. My mom was living it up at the beach (lucky!). We all went to Christie and Tom's to have steak. I had a hot dog... I am not a huge fan of steak. I love seeing all of my nieces and nephews! They are so much fun to hang out with and watch them grow. They are so big! I love them. 

John was having a major allergic fit (still don't know what was causing it) so I made a quick dinner when we got home. John grilled some bbq chicken, I made some steamed fresh green beans and some quick parmesan noodles (from a box). We always used to make dinner, but time gets the best of us. I must say... I LOVE the grill. I need to use it more often. 
(Yummy dinner for TWO)

Well the diet is over and I lost 5 pounds. I did not do day 7 at all. I think that it was a great way to get more conscious of what I was eating every day. It also made me find new recipes to try with vegetables! I know  I will use some again. 

So, if you are going to do the diet, I recommend you keep an open mind and go into knowing that it may not be the easiest thing, you will be somewhat hungry at times, and you may get a headache. But, it was worth it. I definitely found that I felt better and was sleeping better. 

Happy Detox/Dieting!


Sunday, May 13, 2012


My Journey with the Seven Day Diet
Day: Six

Food: Chicken and Vegetables

Breakfast: Chicken breast cold cuts. 

Lunch: Salad with chicken on the top with fat free ranch. 

Dinner: (FAIL with friends) We had snack foods and none contained a vegetable or chicken. 

Water Consumption: 4 bottles (8 glasses)

Morning Weigh In: 162.4

Thoughts/Feelings: No Diet Coke again. Today was going great until we hung out with our friends tonight. Alissa had already confessed that she was done with the diet... so, for dinner, I had a few taquitos, chips and salsa. I really do not want to do the soup all day tomorrow. It is Mother's Day. I think today is my last day of the diet. 

TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS: 5 pounds in 5 full days


My Journey with the Seven Day Diet
Day: Five

Food: Chicken and Tomatoes (6 required)

Breakfast: Chicken cold cuts (2 pieces).

Lunch: Bowl of tomato soup, chicken cold cuts, raw tomato with salt and pepper.

Dinner: Grilled chicken and a baked tomato (follow me on pinterest to find the recipe on my board).

Water Consumption: 4 bottles (8 glasses)

Morning Weigh In: 163.4

Thoughts/Feelings: No Diet Coke again. 6 tomatoes. I was able to eat a total of four. It was grossing me out and I LIKE tomatoes! I used a baked tomato recipe I found on pinterest and it was yummy! I recommend it! I was yummy to have some meat. Not something I thought I would miss, but it was a welcomed food today. I thought I would be pretty hungry, but today was a good day!

Bring on Day SIX!


My Journey with the Seven Day Diet
Day: Four (literacy night)

Food: Bananas and Skim Milk (or yogurt)

Breakfast: One banana and a yogurt (strawberry flavored Light and Fit).

Lunch: Yogurt (strawberry cheesecake Light and Fit) and a banana.

Dinner: Banana after school, 1/2 yogurt at home after literacy night.

Water Consumption: 4 bottles (8 glasses)

Morning Weigh In: 164.4

Thoughts/Feelings: No Diet Coke again. I was really worried about today. I am not a yogurt fan, but I have found a few that I like and can actually eat! This is a very recent development, so I knew this day would be a struggle. I shouldn't have. This was the EASIEST! I was not hungry at all! Whew!

Bring on Day FIVE!


My Journey with the Seven Day Diet
Day: Three (jury duty day too)

Food: Fruits and Vegetables (no potato)

Breakfast: A large green apple, but I couldn't finish it.

Lunch: Salad of romaine and spinach with light italian dressing and a SMALL amount of parmesan cheese.

Dinner: Salad with different veggies and about 3 oz. of chicken with fat free ranch dressing. 

Water Consumption: 4 bottles (8 glasses)

Morning Weigh In: 164.4

Thoughts/Feelings: No Diet Coke again. Today I had jury duty. I wasn't as hungry as I thought I would be. I did have to go to the bathroom a lot! All this water takes a toll. I feel SO much better today. I am always tired, but I don't feel very tired today and I feel like I actually slept last night. I knew if I didn't have something on my salads, I would want to cheat, so I allowed myself a few things to prevent that. (water at dinner is not yummy)

Bring on Day FOUR!