Sunday, May 13, 2012


Years of Service Reception/striving
Today, after school, the district held a ceremony to celebrate those employees who have been with the district for a certain number of years and those retiring. Because I do not work after school, I decided I would go. Misty, who is my 'relief' every day at KSACC was being recognized for 15 years of service with the district. Another SACC employee, Judy, was retiring. Two wonderful people.

As I sat through the ceremony, it was so wonderful to see what people had to say about those being honored or retiring. The whole time, all I could think about was, I wish I was being recognized. I want to work! I gave myself a small pity party about the current 'classroom job' situation. I love my job and am blessed to be where I am, but I REALLY want to fulfill my goal and become a contracted, classroom teacher. I will get there!

Then, once the pity party was over, I wondered to myself... what will people say about me at my retirement? It was kind of interesting to think about. Who am I as a teacher? What will people see? I hope that they will say:

Caring, Creative, Hardworking, Organized, LOVES the Children, Happy

I know that I try to be the above, but I can always improve.

So, cheers to those who are celebrating their time in the district!
Here is to many more years!


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