Sunday, May 13, 2012


This week in KSACC we are focusing on April Showers! Rain Rain Rain...
I am so surprised that it ACTUALLY rained this week. I am very glad as well because we could use it as a reference. There were a few things that were really fun this week. We took a picture of ourselves under a big umbrella. I printed them out on paper and we used a pencil eraser to create RAIN all around us! The kids loved making it rain inside the classroom.

Every week and every theme, I ask the librarian to pull me some specific books. (She is so helpful! Thank you Mrs. Jackson!!) With the theme this week being rain, we were able to read a lot of non-fiction books. As a class, we each read/browsed a book about rain. Then we shared with a partner. Then we came together and wrote the facts on an anchor chart. I had some fun answers/facts. My favorite of the exercise:

True. How could I not write it. It was a great observation.

Kindergarteners at their finest. I sure do love them!


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