Sunday, April 22, 2012


Whew! What a way to catch up on the blogging. I have been WAY to lax on that. I am definitely not going to let it suffer again.

Today is that kind of day. I am going to get all of my lesson plans typed out and today is the last day for John's MBA!!!! He has a lot to do to finish today, but I have faith!

I am headed to the store to prep for the week of foods we need and then back to here to get back to the grind. I am determined to have all of my lesson plans done! (for the year!!)

I know that it seems as though I have forgotten about my interview, but not so much. I have been distracting myself rather well, I think. Please keep praying that the Lord will provide me with a classroom next year. I know that it is where I am supposed to be. I just need the opportunity. :)

Found this print pinterest. I love the colors. (seems so simple...)
Enjoy the rest of your day. It is a cold one here, so I am going to try to stay warm. 



I was the poster child for laziness today. I slept in, sat around and watched tv, and did do the laundry. I had plans with Michelle, but due to unforseen events, she couldn't make the drive. Bummer city. I miss my friend. I like to see her preggo! It is exciting. I am going to have to wait but I am determined to see her soon.
At the beginning of my blogging, I had read the book, The Lucky One. Well.. little did I know that a movie was coming out!  So, I called up two of my friends and asked if they wanted to see it tonight. They agreed! YAY! Girl's Night at the Movie Tavern! I love the Movie Tavern. They have a full menu and you get your dinner while watching the movie. The seats are comfortable too!

The movie was good. I think that there were a few missing elements that would have related to the book more, but all in all, it captured the book pretty well. I was happy with the movie. Our service at the Movie Tavern wasn't the best. I was frustrated because it was my friend, Jen's, first experience. Bummer again. Our waiter just seemed scattered and out of breath and pretty forgetful. As we were walking out, I saw him running from one end of the building to the other. The guy had people on opposite sides. I FELT TERRIBLE! I guess it just goes to show, you can't tell what a person is going through just by a quick glance.

I recommend the Movie Tavern and I recommend The Lucky One (book and movie)! :)

Fun night with the girls, home to my husband and pups.

Can't complain.



(I wish that tv time block was still available)

After school today, I joined a few friends for drinks and dinner. I don't drink, but it is always fun to just relax and refresh. It was fun to hear stories from the week and just sit.
We went to a restaurant in Delaware called 1808. I tried the grilled cheese and YUMM!!! It was so delicious. I am so glad that I found it on the menu. After dinner, we headed to Whit's custard. I aways get the same, chocolate with marshmallow. It was nice to sit outside and enjoy the warm weather. I am so glad it is looking more like spring and summer. I am blessed to have met some amazing people this past school year. They are always there and helpful when I have questions. I know that I have made life-long friends. :)

Off to head home and take care of the pups. :)

Have a great night.


I was on a high because of how well I had run yesterday. So, I decided I would do a short run to the front of our community and back. I checked the milage when I was driving home. It was a total of 1.6 miles. I think that would be a great run on the off-day. I decided that I would take Adi. Maybe she could get some muscle on her thin frame. We are gaining weight, but we would like it to be muscle.

So, I came home, changed, and we were off. I did not have a solution on where to keep my inhaler. My shorts do not have a pocket. Any suggestions? (I had to put it in my bra... not really comfortable) Anyway... We were off and Adi seemed to be having fun. We made it ALMOST to the front of the community when she just stopped. I mean stopped stopped. Not walking, not budging! I am sure that people who were driving by couldn't help but chuckle. I was pulling with all of my strength. Her neck was stretching out, but her feet were not moving! Well, I had a goal in mind, and she wasn't having it. So frustrating!! So, after about 5 minutes of trying to coax her to keep running, I decided to turn around. I did turn around and off she went, running! Who is this dog? It was nice to run outside and enjoy the fresh air. It was a beautiful day, overflowing with sunshine.

We did end up going 1.2 miles, so not too bad for Adi's first run. I was proud. I was so happy that my app that I use was helpful and tracked the process.

I give our run a 3/5. It felt good.
(true fact)



I had a wonderful proud moment today as a teacher. My students were challenged to read 210 minutes each and earn their way to the top prize of a TShirt. Well, in addition to the prizes, if a certain percentage earned TShirt level, we would have a popcorn party, then an ice cream sundae party, and finally if 100% of the students earned that level, a pizza party!
Well, my students went above and beyond. I sent home a sheet that they could fill out when they read. I tracked their progress on a bulletin board outside of the classroom. It always had kids stopping in the hall to see how we were doing. Our book buddies loved to check on their buddies progress! (which is so sweet) All of my kids got their shirt and they knew what that meant... PIZZA! Today was our pizza party. I decorated the room like a luau, each kid got a lei, and a fun tiki! It was just great to see them strive for a goal and reach it! (The custodian even got in on the fun and brought us cupcakes for dessert!) Yummy!
After a long day at school, I decided I needed to get back into running. I haven't been making time for it for the past 3 weeks! I was nervous, but I knew I had to do it. I decided to run the program where I left off. Brave. I did it! I was so proud of myself because I ran 3 miles (first time since I started the program) in 38 minutes. I did have some walking in the mix for warm up and cool down and a small 3 minute walk. I was so shocked by what I have accomplished. Whew! Color Run, here I come! (I would like to get to a 30 minute 5k... a bit of work still to do)

Today, I took the time to try to start to catch up on my blogging. Again, I am determined to keep up! I went through the days and just jotted down what had happened. I will elaborate more and publish! 

Have a great night. 


Well... I can not dwell on the events of yesterday.. I must move on. (easier said than done...)

I started the couch to 5k running program a while back (I would say beginning of February) when my sister, Wendy, approached me about running in the Komen for the Cure race. I looked into the process, and I thought to myself.. I have never been a runner, but I need to be healthy, and this is a great program to get started. (I always joke that I want to be addicted to running... and I don't know how other people are)
Pinterest is a GREAT motivation. There are so many inspirational quotes that are just helpful at times. Here is the pin that made me run for the first time: (maybe it will inspire you too...)
I knew that this was true, so off I went. I am determined to not be a quitter. I searched for the couch to 5k and found a wonderful app for my phone. It is called "Ease into 5k" It did cost money, but not more than $3. It is perfect for me. It tells me when to warm up, run, walk, cool down. It is encouraging too! ("You're halfway there" and my favorite "Last run, coming up!") It has a journal for me to jot down notes about my run, a graph of my running, and even lets me use my own music! I recommend this app!
After I had been running for a bit, I decided I would try to find a 5k that may be sooner. I looked online and found The COLOR RUN! I know that I am crazy, but I was determined to run in it. So, I went to the website ( and found that there weren't many near Ohio. Bummer! So, I went on the facebook page and asked them to come to Columbus, Ohio. Well...about a month later, it was set! (I had no part in doing this, but I did suggest it at one point) I am so glad that they are coming to Columbus. I have started a team. CR12. (color run 2012) If you want to join, let me know and I will give you the password to join the team. 

Here is a quick overview of The Color Run:
1. Must wear white. 
2. 5k walk or run. (my goal is run)
3. After each kilometer, they throw a specific color of powder on you. By the end, you have five different colors on you and you are tie-dyed!
4. I will frame this shirt and bib from the race. My first race EVER! (I never thought I would say that...)

Check out the website for more info. Here is the picture that made me want to sign up!
You can't deny it... it looks awesome. Join me and my team~



Well, the day has arrived. I was pretty calm during the school day. This morning was a breeze and I knew that I have done as much as I could to prepare myself. I am not necessarily nervous, but more anxious. I know that this sounds corny, but I love to sit and talk about teaching with other people who love to do it as well. I think that going into the interview with a realistic view helps. I know that there are other teacher's out there. I just hope I am the one that they want to join their staff! Before I left for the interview, I had to do a quick change at school into my suit, freshen my make-up (it is amazing sometimes what I look like after a day in Kindergarten) and head off to interview. I had butterflies in my stomach because it is time! In the words of my loving husband, "Don't screw it up..." (semi-jokingly... we do need this and I think he knows that I need this for my sanity and he knows how much time and effort I put in behind the scenes)

Here comes the amazing Kinderquote:
As I am rushing down the hall to put my stuff in my classroom, grab my purse and portfolio, I walk swiftly passed one of my kindergarteners waiting on her bus. She is a sweetheart, but definitely has had her fair share of moments in kindergarten. As I am walking by, she says, "Mrs. Edmonds! Where are you going?" I never ignore a child when they speak to me. Just not my style. So I stopped and told her that I have a meeting to go to. She could obviously sense my urgency and butterflies. She simply responded, "Well, you look really nice!"
At that moment, the butterflies were gone and I knew I was ready! This little girl was able to do that by just giving me one compliment. What a moment. I will cherish it.

Off I went, to the interview. I think that it went well. There were six people in the interview. I don't get intimidated easily, but now looking back, I probably should be a bit intimidated, because they could potentially change my life.. .but that is looking back.

I should hear something within the next week or so. I can only pray that my personality and attitude toward teaching was represented and they would love to have me on their staff. God has a plan for me. I just have to trust that plan and be patient. It is easier said than done...I will admit that.

Off to bed trying not to over-analyze everything I said in the interview. (not going to happen)



Sunday. I was excited to go to the new church again, but we decided to stay home as we have a lot to do. I have been reading The Leader in Me by Steven Covey. I know that the school I am interviewing with tomorrow is a Leader in Me school. I needed to get it read. So, that is what I did. I read, and read, and read. It is a good view of how schools create a common language for the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and the students are succeeding! I look forward to implementing some of the information and verbage from the book into my classroom. It definitely makes me want to read more about the subject matter and even visit the pilot school. (I will have to save to make that trip!)

John was busy working on his masters work again today. Sundays are a drag around here. Full of work. He is so close to being done. It will be welcomed by both when it is over. It is hard to watch him just toil away at his MBA. SO SOON... I keep trying to remind him. (I'll let you know how next week  goes... last week!)

Because we were just working around in the house, we were really bumming it. We didn't look good AT ALL! I was pretty ashamed when I looked in the mirror later that day. But I had a goal to finish that book, and I accomplished it! We got a surprise Facetime call from our cousins in Tulsa. Zooey is only 6 weeks older than her cousin Mia Grace. I think it is amazing to see how much she has even changed since their baptism on Palm Sunday! Well... we got a special treat to see... ZOOEY WALKING! It was so cute to see her waddle around the back porch. The wonderful things that technology can do. It is amazing. I would have never been able to view that live.. and now.. I can! What a blessing!

The night ended with a bit of positive self-talk, updating some things in my portfolio, and trying to calm my nerves. A full-time classroom is my goal. (as many of you know) This is my chance! As I laid down in bed, so many things ran through my mind. I do not know how I got any sleep...




Today started off bright and early as John and I finished our taxes online and I went downtown to pay the city taxes. We actually got money back this year. That is unheard of! We have always had to pay. It is coming at a welcome time. A time where we can try to get ahead of the bills and focus on the important things. (I am determined to get my patio this summer!)

After the taxes were done, I headed to Polaris to look for some suit pants for the interview. My skirt is a little big and I thought pants would be nice too. Well, after 4 different stores, I gave up, bought panty hose and decided I would wear the skirt. Looking back, good choice!

On my hunt for the suit pants, I always stop in the baby sections to see if I can find anything for the arrival of the twins. I found the CUTEST onesie for twin girl. (I searched for a match for baby boy, but to no avail) Look how cute! (and only $6.00-can't be beat!)
On my way home from my shopping fail/find, I decided to stop at John's team's double header. It was raining, but I know they play in the rain if there is no lightning. So, I decided to watch from the comfort of the car. I was dry... and warm. They won the first game (I saw the last inning) and then they fixed the field up, ate a snack, and were ready to play game two. After the 5th pitch in, it started to rain HARD. So, I just left and headed to the grocery.

At Meijer, I decided I would try to find the materials for a craft/tool that we could use at school. During one of our literacy night meetings we talked about how, at the Dublin Literacy Conference, they talked about the importance of students seeing us as readers as well. We thought it would be neat to create something to hang outside of our doors to show what we are reading. I decided I would take on that task.... I will keep you updated! (a tutorial will follow)

I came home and tried to relax, but that is NOT happening with everything about tomorrow on my mind. I had everything packed and ready to go for my quick change after school, but I was antsy. So, I decided to start the project. Here it goes...

I will try to get some sleep...


Wednesday, April 18, 2012


TGIF! (I wish that show line up was still on TV)

After school, I headed home, took care of the pups, and then went to the rivalry game between John's team, Olentangy and Olentangy Liberty. I am so glad that Jamie was there to keep me company. We sat on the wrong side of the bleachers.. so we cheered and they jeered. They cheered and we jeered! It was a good game that really kept me interested. Unfortunately, they lost... with a loss comes unhappy boys. So, we were plotting whether or not we could get them to go out to dinner or not.... it was a tough sell, but it worked! We got to go out to Buffalo Wings and Rings. Yum! I walked in and asked the young man for a table for four. He said a few minutes, how about this booth. Then, being difficult, we ask if we could have the one with the game center on it. (just girls here...) He says, "well, I am not supposed to seat there, but I will ask..." (Cue boy entrance) Waitor turns around and says (spotting the boys) "Are you with them?! Sure we can sit you there..." Are they famous?? I felt dissed! But, we got the table! We enjoyed dinner and fun games of photo hunt!! We rocked.. officially.

After a late dinner and exhausting day, we headed home to hang out with the puppies.



Kindergarten Kickoff is over. I was slightly nervous about how it was going to go because of the newness of KSACC.

We started the night off in the Kindergarten rooms (my room was closed because I am on the other side of  the building) The parents and future students joined us to do a small school bus craft and their FIRST 'I Can' statement. The parents got a paper to fill out about their preference for next year and their possible enrollment in the KSACC program.

Next, we moved to the library. With a fabulous turnout, it was standing room only! It was a bit loud, but the parents got a folder of information and the principal gave me the chance to talk for a few minutes about KSACC. After the presentation and such, I had a good amount of people come up and ask me specific questions about the program. I think it is going to be pretty full next year too! That is exciting!

On a side note, I have been really working hard this year to create a program that is academically based and correlates to what the students are doing in kindergarten. So, when parents who you do not know or teach their children, come up to you and compliment KSACC! I had at least 5 families come up to me to tell me that they have heard so many wonderful things about KSACC and me! It made me smile.

Long night... off to bed.





(I am playing serious catch up... bit behind...)

In kindergarten today, we made some of the cutest cards that I found on Pinterest. I know that it is AFTER Easter, but my kinders LOVE to use paint and their hands. So, we made handprint bunnies to make cards that say "Somebunny Loves You". I had one student who actually got the play on words and he thought it was so fun!
Check out the pin for this fun card:
I made it a card, having the students write "Somebunny Loves You!" and their own message on the inside with their signature. They looked great!

Tomorrow is kindergarten kick-off in the district. I will post about that tomorrow!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Whew... two days in with kiddos and I am exhausted! You would think it was the first day of school... I didn't even rest on spring break, I worked!

Update on the 'eggsperiment':
The egg from yesterday is covered in bubbles, the shell is getting thin almost see through, and it is rubbery! I think you should ALL try it. It is fun and weird at the same time.

After the day was over, I headed home to let the dogs out and hang out. Duty called with dishes and picking up (doesn't it always). And of course... Adi was at it again.. barking at the new neightbor, "GUS". I must say, he is adorable and so small!

Time to catch up on the TV! I just can't help it. While I was watching I was working on the KSACC Kickoff video for Schultz. (for a friend) I had it done, just had to burn it to a disc. I burn it... it won't work in my dvd player or blu-ray. WHY?! It worked on both mine and John's computer.. but no.. not the actual dvd players. Any ideas or advice? I gave it to my fellow KSACC teacher and we got to have a fun chat!

On an exciting side note, I have an interview!! It is next week, and I will be sure to keep you SUPER updated on anything else on the job hunt. Keep me lifted in your prayers and help me stay positive about the job hunt. :)

Feeling inspired tonight...



Back to school with the kiddos! It was a pleasant day back and I am glad that I planned everything before we went on spring break. We started our 'eggsperiment' by putting the egg in the vinegar. I am excited to see the result (being a rubbery, see through egg) I am EGGsited!! (haha)

After school, I did my Tuesday/Thursday tutoring. I added a new friend to the mix today. She is a beautiful soul and really wants to read well. We worked hard and had one initial breakdown. It is so hard to see a child not succeeding in their heads and they are devastated. It broke my heart. I was as encouraging as possible and hope that she wants to keep working toward her goal! We read a book that she chose (on her level) and went through sight word flash cards as quickly as we could. We are SO close to under 1 minute! After we finished, she headed home and mom called me about 20 minutes later and she wants to come back tomorrow! Maybe Thursday would work... but I was just elated that she was excited about reading and wanted to come back! I will keep you updated. This tutoring session made me think about a verse I pinned on my pinterest classroom board.
(I should have this on my desk.. say it every morning)

Home I came for a night of my favorite TV shows. Unfortunately, Adi insisted on barking and barking and barking at our new neighbors puppy. I ended up with a headache, and headed to bed. Guess I will play catch up tomorrow!

Have a great night!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Monday! Teacher work day which means I was sort-of on double duty. I worked in the morning at SACC and then headed to my classroom to get things organized and make sure it was ready for the kiddos. There are more opportunities in the district (internal still) and I am looking forward to possibly getting an interview. The daydreams I have about a full time teaching job are happening more and more. I have to believe if I want to make this MY year!

After work, I headed home to clean up. As if I weren't "off" this week, my house was a disaster. I did the organizing, laundry, and 'picking' up. Tomorrow is floors. BORING! The wonderful schedule works when I work. One of my 'to-dos' for the day was get all of the DVRs updated. SUCCESS!

Off to bed early because I need to be well rested for the first day back!


Sunday, April 8, 2012


He is Risen...He is Risen Indeed! (Happy Easter to all!)

This morning, John and I tried out a new church that is pretty close to us with our friends Braden and Heather. It was a very small church, but I like it like that! It was so great to be greeted and included. It was like a piece of home had come to Columbus. I love that about my church at home... so inviting, kind, and chatty. The pastor was kind and the company was around our age with small/new families. It was nice to 'fit in' and not be the babies of the church. They showed one of the cutest videos I have ever seen. I don't know if it is because I teach kindergarteners or everyone thinks it is cute. (It just is funny how kids think perspective) Check it out here (and watch the whole thing):

They even had extra Easter Lilies and we got to take one home! :) I think we will go back next week!

After church, we stopped by the house to gather our goodies, and headed to Pete and Tiff's house to celebrate with some family (John's side). When I say some... I mean a lot. There are a total of 10 adults and 9 children. 19! It is a packed house that is always fun and eventful. After a delicious lunch, we headed outside for an egg hunt. I helped out Sebastian and Remae. They had so much fun! The kids all colored eggs, made crafts, and just hung out like cousins do. The adults were all in food comas, so we sat and watched the Masters. Check out some of the goodies John and I made to share:
 (Rainbow Fruit Skewers)
 (Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries with Chocolate Drizzle)
 (Deviled Eggs...)
(Close Up and Colorful)

After eating a ton at Easter, we headed to meet up with Kristi and Nate at Pei Wei. KJ and I met when we were younger at Camp Presmont. Church camp was so much fun for the years we attended! Alissa and I always made sure we had the most food for our cabin. KJ and I have kept in touch and it was great to get to see her! We got to catch up and talk about her newest adventure... TWINS! (I am glad my friends are having twins.. it makes my chances smaller.. haha) It is always great to see friends! I can't wait to meet the two little misses or misters! 

Back home to our babes, Adi and Aspen. We have been so busy.. they probably think we hate them. Tonight, they have been running around like crazies! I am glad they are getting their exercise now.. not when I head to bed! 

*I hope you all had a blessed and wonderful Easter. It is a wonderful reminder of how magnificent our God really is and what he did for EACH of us. In church today, the topic was... we should START celebrating now! He is RISEN. He is Risen Indeed!*



Forty days. I am impressed with myself and my writing. It has definitely been a challenge to keep it up at times with the schedules we have. But... I am... so moving on:


We had a lot planned for this day and I woke up excited! First, visit GG and GP at their new place! It is a blessing that they are in a place that they will be taken care of properly with minimal invasiveness. It is a fabulous thing to see them sticking together through all of their moves and through life. They fully support each other at all times. It is a blessing to witness a 94 and 95 year old, but two that are so in love... remarkable! They loved the Easter basket... yumm! GG is doing wonderfully and we love visiting. We wish our schedules allowed us to visit more.

After our visit with GG and GP, John and I got to go on a DATE! You heard it... a date. It has been a while since we have had the chance to just relax and go out. With Easter being tomorrow, we headed to Easton to watch The Hunger Games and get in a fun shopping trip! TJ Maxx never disappoints. I found a SUPER cute dress for only $24.99 and a cute skirt. (I must brag for a minute: It was two sizes smaller than normal! Whew! It is paying off!) John got some new shorts and shirt. Check out my cute new dress...for Easter:
(I love it!)
The Hunger Games did not disappoint. John has not read the book, so I felt like I had to keep updating him, or giving him back-story. Other than that, I think it was a good way to portray the book. I enjoyed walking around Easton. Back in the glory days... (ODU Days) we always walked around Easton. A lot has changed! More stores... updated theaters... same ol' parking issues. After our date, we came home and got all of the goodies for Easter lunch ready. Pics will be up tomorrow! Have a great night!



After a long day at work, I headed straight to visit the loves that I spend the summer with. Mason had a HUGE secret <<hamsters, upstairs for Easter>> Kennedy had all of her birthday presents that we HAD HAD HAD to do! We got to make beads for a necklace, it was a cool machine thing. The boys joined in. This summer is going to be busy and more busy. The benefit, Stella can now hang out with us without having to be held the whole time. We are going to have a lot of fun this summer on our many adventures. I am sure they will be jam packed! (plus, I get to drive the nanny van-woot woot)

Here are some pictures from tonight's adventures:
 (Bead Making Adventure)
 (Napping Adventure)
(Photo Session Adventure--Check out the chubs!) <3


Thursday, April 5, 2012


Today... I didn't get to sleep in. I had to be up and at 'em in order to greet the cable guy. Last night, the cable box went crazy... and wouldn't work. So, this morning.. I got to hang out with the cable guy as he fixed the cable. It was fixed.. but I lost all of my DVRed shows. Bummer city! Because of how busy I have been... I had a lot to catch up on!

Moving on... I headed to work. It was a pretty good day. Rather cold for recess time, but we stuck it out. The school has this cyclone part of their playground. It looks like so much fun and the kids are always on it! Today.. I decided to try it. WOW! How do they do this? I almost lost my lunch. I was dizzy for the following two hours. <yuck> One positive: I had a parent ask if I have been working out! What a great thing to hear when I have really been watching my food intake and trying to run. With the busy schedule, it has been hard to make it all work. I am glad that she noticed. It validated my efforts.

Home to figure out the DVR and get my shows re-scheduled. I hate to be a TV junkie, but I just am! ((guilty as charged))

I can't find a fun picture of the spinny thing to share.. I may have to take one tomorrow and share!

Off to be a tv junkie! :)

Quote to leave you with:
From Pinterest


Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Well.. today was pretty eventful!

1. All Day SACC-Always an adventure. The kids have been GREAT this week. Tomorrow, I get to work the afternoon shift.. so maybe their personalities will change!

2. Lunch and girl talk with Tiffany (and Ellia and Remae). I had to return all of the wonderful tupperware and such to Tiff from the shower, so we decided to meet at Five Guys. Yumm! The girls got a hot dog, and I was jealous. <Iwillgetitnexttime> I get to help Tiff bake later this month! I love to hang out with her. We have so much in common. You would think we were raised next door to each other. haha (we weren't, but God knew what he was doing by choosing us to marry the men we did and make us sisters)

3. Driving home to check on the dogs and catch up on the DVR before John's baseball game (never did get to, had to call the cable company and they have to make a stop over)... I check facebook on my way home... and see the headline "Olentangy High School Evacuated for Bomb Threat". WHAT? So I call John to make sure he is ok, and get the scoop. Everyone is ok and the game was cancelled. I shouldn't be excited about that, but I get to spend the entire night with my husband... unheard of during baseball season!

4. Naptime: Unheard of in baseball season as well, John and I got to take a nap! (I always am jealous of children who still get to nap daily... can we get mandatory naps for adults? I think we would all be more effective.)

5. Dinner: We decided to go get Mexican food (at our favorite Mi Cerrito). It was hard to look at the movie theater across the street, and WAITING to see The Hunger Games. (That is for Saturday...)

6. Dessert: Delaware has a fabulous and delicious custard place... WHITS! It is so amazing! I don't know what it is about that place, but we can just crush some ice cream! I got the special flavor: brownie carmel swirl. YUMM!

7. Relax: Well, we are home and watching the opening game of the season. The new Miami stadium looks pretty night and flashy! Pups are sleeping, John is working on his grad school homework, and I am blogging. All is right in the world.

*I have really been blessed this spring break to take time to relax, visit friends and family, and put aside some aspects of life (cleaning, working out) to focus on those relationships.*
My week has proven this quote. And I am only half way through!



I have to really get focused and stay on top of this blog! Write EVERY day. That is the goal. I am going to get on that!

Today, after work, I headed for the chiropractor. I definitely needed it. My lower back was really bothering me. I got my re-scans done to check on my back's progress. I am feeling much better now that I have seen the chiropractor. He is amazing!

Off to Beavercreek :)
I love to organize.. anyone who knows me knows, everything has a place.. and it should be in that place! (haha) I headed to help Michelle sort through all of the shower gifts from this past weekend and set it all up. The nursery color is fabulous and the twins are definitely blessed. I got to spend time with Michelle as we folded tiny clothes, organized butt cremes, and stacked towels. I am so excited for her. It is going to be such an amazing experience and I can't wait to babysit! ;)

After all of that organizing, I headed home. (It is normally about an hour-hour fifteen minute drive..) As I was driving up the road, with no warning, there are signs EVERYWHERE, "Road Closed". So, I had to figure out another way to get home. whew. Tack on a few (20) minutes.

When I got home, I passed out in the chair. I don't remember going to bed!
Up and at em' early for SACC! It is a busy, crazy, tiring life.. but I don't know how else to live. I work hard and succeed. Look at this fun quote to keep me motivated:

(what is another 10 minutes?)


Monday, April 2, 2012



I am working... every day, but I thought I would share something. The program I work for offers an All Day SACC program during spring break for families who are working. (which is many) I had a bit of anxiety being the opening manager this morning and hoping that the students would respond to me. Let me tell you.. I was so pleased when I left! They were so fabulous today and there were 57 of them!

1. All three activities (grass planting, bubble painting, and resistance water color painting) ALL completed!
2. We did DEAR time... (silent reading) and ALL 57 kids were silent and READING! I was nervous, but I even had a child who was so proud of himself for how much he read. He didn't seem like the kid who reads for pleasure or on grade level <I could be wrong.. but just by my observations> and he asked for a bookmark so he could save his place for tomorrow! It was a BIG accomplishment to have all reading and trying. Made me smile.
3. I made it through day 1 of spring break with a great staff by my side. Whew.
Bring it on day 2! We have a lot more in store for you!

((I didn't get my nap in.. but I will at some point this week))

*Off to enjoy pizza and relaxing with my hubs... as soon as he gets home from baseball*




Michelle's baby shower was RIGHT after the baptism. I am uploading the pictures from the shower. I was in charge of decorations, cake, and cupcakes. I think that it all turned out wonderfully! It looked great and the twins are going to be well dressed, diapered, and spoiled. Special thanks to Laurienne for helping with the decor! :)

Here are the details: 
 Cupcake/Cake Tower
 A Bit Closer...
 *New Cupcake Stand*
 Two Peas <3
 -Sign In Table- 
 Frame, BABIES, Advice Cards/Jars, and Banner Fun
 Gift Table
-Homemade Banner: Two Peas In A Pod- 
 Close up...
 -Table Setting-
 Frozen Peas in the Jar (just a fun touch)
 Place Setting with Cake Pop Pea Favor :)
 Cake Topper
 Family at the Shower
*Best Friends*

If you have any questions about how anything was made or where it was found, let me know and I will be sure to contact you via comment on how! Many things were inspired by pinterest... of course.. :)

Off to start my spring break... with a nap!


Sunday, April 1, 2012


THE DAY IS HERE! Bring it on!

Mia Grace and Zooey Claire were baptized this morning! It was such a blessing to see them starting their journey as Christians. Beautiful dresses, jewelry, family, and God. It was gorgeous... and they did a GREAT job! Check out a few of the pictures:
 The Bracelets I Made for the Girls
 Mia Grace... giving the stink eye...
 -Zooey Claire-
*Me and Papa:: He Smiled!*
::Surrounded by Family::
 With My Mia
-Double Duty-
Immediately after the baptism... BABY SHOWER!
So, I headed straight for the baby shower. Good thing my mom and sister were home and able to help me get all of the stuff to the shower. I will do a separate post about the shower. So many pictures to share! It turned out fabulous and the world is going to be blessed with two beautiful babies! I can't wait to meet them! Stay tuned for the shower update...

May God Bless Mia Grace and Zooey Claire! They are blessed already with wonderful parents and a loving family. <3