Sunday, April 22, 2012


Well... I can not dwell on the events of yesterday.. I must move on. (easier said than done...)

I started the couch to 5k running program a while back (I would say beginning of February) when my sister, Wendy, approached me about running in the Komen for the Cure race. I looked into the process, and I thought to myself.. I have never been a runner, but I need to be healthy, and this is a great program to get started. (I always joke that I want to be addicted to running... and I don't know how other people are)
Pinterest is a GREAT motivation. There are so many inspirational quotes that are just helpful at times. Here is the pin that made me run for the first time: (maybe it will inspire you too...)
I knew that this was true, so off I went. I am determined to not be a quitter. I searched for the couch to 5k and found a wonderful app for my phone. It is called "Ease into 5k" It did cost money, but not more than $3. It is perfect for me. It tells me when to warm up, run, walk, cool down. It is encouraging too! ("You're halfway there" and my favorite "Last run, coming up!") It has a journal for me to jot down notes about my run, a graph of my running, and even lets me use my own music! I recommend this app!
After I had been running for a bit, I decided I would try to find a 5k that may be sooner. I looked online and found The COLOR RUN! I know that I am crazy, but I was determined to run in it. So, I went to the website ( and found that there weren't many near Ohio. Bummer! So, I went on the facebook page and asked them to come to Columbus, Ohio. Well...about a month later, it was set! (I had no part in doing this, but I did suggest it at one point) I am so glad that they are coming to Columbus. I have started a team. CR12. (color run 2012) If you want to join, let me know and I will give you the password to join the team. 

Here is a quick overview of The Color Run:
1. Must wear white. 
2. 5k walk or run. (my goal is run)
3. After each kilometer, they throw a specific color of powder on you. By the end, you have five different colors on you and you are tie-dyed!
4. I will frame this shirt and bib from the race. My first race EVER! (I never thought I would say that...)

Check out the website for more info. Here is the picture that made me want to sign up!
You can't deny it... it looks awesome. Join me and my team~


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