Sunday, April 22, 2012


Today started off bright and early as John and I finished our taxes online and I went downtown to pay the city taxes. We actually got money back this year. That is unheard of! We have always had to pay. It is coming at a welcome time. A time where we can try to get ahead of the bills and focus on the important things. (I am determined to get my patio this summer!)

After the taxes were done, I headed to Polaris to look for some suit pants for the interview. My skirt is a little big and I thought pants would be nice too. Well, after 4 different stores, I gave up, bought panty hose and decided I would wear the skirt. Looking back, good choice!

On my hunt for the suit pants, I always stop in the baby sections to see if I can find anything for the arrival of the twins. I found the CUTEST onesie for twin girl. (I searched for a match for baby boy, but to no avail) Look how cute! (and only $6.00-can't be beat!)
On my way home from my shopping fail/find, I decided to stop at John's team's double header. It was raining, but I know they play in the rain if there is no lightning. So, I decided to watch from the comfort of the car. I was dry... and warm. They won the first game (I saw the last inning) and then they fixed the field up, ate a snack, and were ready to play game two. After the 5th pitch in, it started to rain HARD. So, I just left and headed to the grocery.

At Meijer, I decided I would try to find the materials for a craft/tool that we could use at school. During one of our literacy night meetings we talked about how, at the Dublin Literacy Conference, they talked about the importance of students seeing us as readers as well. We thought it would be neat to create something to hang outside of our doors to show what we are reading. I decided I would take on that task.... I will keep you updated! (a tutorial will follow)

I came home and tried to relax, but that is NOT happening with everything about tomorrow on my mind. I had everything packed and ready to go for my quick change after school, but I was antsy. So, I decided to start the project. Here it goes...

I will try to get some sleep...


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