Monday, April 2, 2012



I am working... every day, but I thought I would share something. The program I work for offers an All Day SACC program during spring break for families who are working. (which is many) I had a bit of anxiety being the opening manager this morning and hoping that the students would respond to me. Let me tell you.. I was so pleased when I left! They were so fabulous today and there were 57 of them!

1. All three activities (grass planting, bubble painting, and resistance water color painting) ALL completed!
2. We did DEAR time... (silent reading) and ALL 57 kids were silent and READING! I was nervous, but I even had a child who was so proud of himself for how much he read. He didn't seem like the kid who reads for pleasure or on grade level <I could be wrong.. but just by my observations> and he asked for a bookmark so he could save his place for tomorrow! It was a BIG accomplishment to have all reading and trying. Made me smile.
3. I made it through day 1 of spring break with a great staff by my side. Whew.
Bring it on day 2! We have a lot more in store for you!

((I didn't get my nap in.. but I will at some point this week))

*Off to enjoy pizza and relaxing with my hubs... as soon as he gets home from baseball*


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