Wednesday, April 18, 2012


TGIF! (I wish that show line up was still on TV)

After school, I headed home, took care of the pups, and then went to the rivalry game between John's team, Olentangy and Olentangy Liberty. I am so glad that Jamie was there to keep me company. We sat on the wrong side of the bleachers.. so we cheered and they jeered. They cheered and we jeered! It was a good game that really kept me interested. Unfortunately, they lost... with a loss comes unhappy boys. So, we were plotting whether or not we could get them to go out to dinner or not.... it was a tough sell, but it worked! We got to go out to Buffalo Wings and Rings. Yum! I walked in and asked the young man for a table for four. He said a few minutes, how about this booth. Then, being difficult, we ask if we could have the one with the game center on it. (just girls here...) He says, "well, I am not supposed to seat there, but I will ask..." (Cue boy entrance) Waitor turns around and says (spotting the boys) "Are you with them?! Sure we can sit you there..." Are they famous?? I felt dissed! But, we got the table! We enjoyed dinner and fun games of photo hunt!! We rocked.. officially.

After a late dinner and exhausting day, we headed home to hang out with the puppies.


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