Sunday, April 1, 2012


Technically, I made it to the valley today (at 2am!). Then, I woke up and got straight to work on finishing the cake pops. The process went smoothly. Check out the results: 
(Two Peas in a Pod)
There were a few extra, so for the gathering that was taking place tonight, Alissa and Dena took matters into their own hands, and piped chocolate on them. Look how cute they look on my new cake stand!
After the cake pops were complete, off to Union Local to watch Courtney run. (little did my mom and I know that she is hurt... so she wasn't able to give 100%. She still ran faster than I could) Check her out!
(It is cold...ridiculously cold!)

Back to Alissa's to hang out and visit with family. Dena, Jeremiah, and Zooey were in town too! I am so glad I got to hang out with Zooey! Lydia helped me out with my gift of a baptism bracelet for the girls. Whew! It was a process.. Check out tomorrow's post for pictures!

Have a great night. 


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