Sunday, April 22, 2012


I was the poster child for laziness today. I slept in, sat around and watched tv, and did do the laundry. I had plans with Michelle, but due to unforseen events, she couldn't make the drive. Bummer city. I miss my friend. I like to see her preggo! It is exciting. I am going to have to wait but I am determined to see her soon.
At the beginning of my blogging, I had read the book, The Lucky One. Well.. little did I know that a movie was coming out!  So, I called up two of my friends and asked if they wanted to see it tonight. They agreed! YAY! Girl's Night at the Movie Tavern! I love the Movie Tavern. They have a full menu and you get your dinner while watching the movie. The seats are comfortable too!

The movie was good. I think that there were a few missing elements that would have related to the book more, but all in all, it captured the book pretty well. I was happy with the movie. Our service at the Movie Tavern wasn't the best. I was frustrated because it was my friend, Jen's, first experience. Bummer again. Our waiter just seemed scattered and out of breath and pretty forgetful. As we were walking out, I saw him running from one end of the building to the other. The guy had people on opposite sides. I FELT TERRIBLE! I guess it just goes to show, you can't tell what a person is going through just by a quick glance.

I recommend the Movie Tavern and I recommend The Lucky One (book and movie)! :)

Fun night with the girls, home to my husband and pups.

Can't complain.


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