Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Back to school with the kiddos! It was a pleasant day back and I am glad that I planned everything before we went on spring break. We started our 'eggsperiment' by putting the egg in the vinegar. I am excited to see the result (being a rubbery, see through egg) I am EGGsited!! (haha)

After school, I did my Tuesday/Thursday tutoring. I added a new friend to the mix today. She is a beautiful soul and really wants to read well. We worked hard and had one initial breakdown. It is so hard to see a child not succeeding in their heads and they are devastated. It broke my heart. I was as encouraging as possible and hope that she wants to keep working toward her goal! We read a book that she chose (on her level) and went through sight word flash cards as quickly as we could. We are SO close to under 1 minute! After we finished, she headed home and mom called me about 20 minutes later and she wants to come back tomorrow! Maybe Thursday would work... but I was just elated that she was excited about reading and wanted to come back! I will keep you updated. This tutoring session made me think about a verse I pinned on my pinterest classroom board.
(I should have this on my desk.. say it every morning)

Home I came for a night of my favorite TV shows. Unfortunately, Adi insisted on barking and barking and barking at our new neighbors puppy. I ended up with a headache, and headed to bed. Guess I will play catch up tomorrow!

Have a great night!


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