Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Well.. today was pretty eventful!

1. All Day SACC-Always an adventure. The kids have been GREAT this week. Tomorrow, I get to work the afternoon shift.. so maybe their personalities will change!

2. Lunch and girl talk with Tiffany (and Ellia and Remae). I had to return all of the wonderful tupperware and such to Tiff from the shower, so we decided to meet at Five Guys. Yumm! The girls got a hot dog, and I was jealous. <Iwillgetitnexttime> I get to help Tiff bake later this month! I love to hang out with her. We have so much in common. You would think we were raised next door to each other. haha (we weren't, but God knew what he was doing by choosing us to marry the men we did and make us sisters)

3. Driving home to check on the dogs and catch up on the DVR before John's baseball game (never did get to, had to call the cable company and they have to make a stop over)... I check facebook on my way home... and see the headline "Olentangy High School Evacuated for Bomb Threat". WHAT? So I call John to make sure he is ok, and get the scoop. Everyone is ok and the game was cancelled. I shouldn't be excited about that, but I get to spend the entire night with my husband... unheard of during baseball season!

4. Naptime: Unheard of in baseball season as well, John and I got to take a nap! (I always am jealous of children who still get to nap daily... can we get mandatory naps for adults? I think we would all be more effective.)

5. Dinner: We decided to go get Mexican food (at our favorite Mi Cerrito). It was hard to look at the movie theater across the street, and WAITING to see The Hunger Games. (That is for Saturday...)

6. Dessert: Delaware has a fabulous and delicious custard place... WHITS! It is so amazing! I don't know what it is about that place, but we can just crush some ice cream! I got the special flavor: brownie carmel swirl. YUMM!

7. Relax: Well, we are home and watching the opening game of the season. The new Miami stadium looks pretty night and flashy! Pups are sleeping, John is working on his grad school homework, and I am blogging. All is right in the world.

*I have really been blessed this spring break to take time to relax, visit friends and family, and put aside some aspects of life (cleaning, working out) to focus on those relationships.*
My week has proven this quote. And I am only half way through!


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