Sunday, April 1, 2012


This is a bit delayed. The past couple of days have been PACKED to the gills.. so bear with me as I tell all!

Day.Thirty.One started out with a book study at school. We are working on a writing workshop book. We talked about writing each day, and I was so proud of myself for writing for 30 days! I got a great idea from a fellow teacher, that she found online too.. Create an email account for your child. (unborn or born) and write them an email every day! What a fabulous idea! 

I got to end the day on a great KinderQuote:

Mrs. Edmonds: "Where are you going for spring break?"
J: "Last year, we went to Florida. This year... guess what we are doing?"
Mrs. Edmonds: "What?"
J: (in an anticipatory voice) ""
Mrs. Edmonds: "Where? Where? (acting super exciting and I was very interested)
J:"... to DAIRY DEPOT!!!!"

To those who don't get to walk the streets of Delaware, Ohio in the summer, Dairy Depot is a small ice cream store. Family owned and operated, and officially the highlight of SPRING BREAK! (made me realize.. it is the little things in life.)


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