Sunday, April 22, 2012


I had a wonderful proud moment today as a teacher. My students were challenged to read 210 minutes each and earn their way to the top prize of a TShirt. Well, in addition to the prizes, if a certain percentage earned TShirt level, we would have a popcorn party, then an ice cream sundae party, and finally if 100% of the students earned that level, a pizza party!
Well, my students went above and beyond. I sent home a sheet that they could fill out when they read. I tracked their progress on a bulletin board outside of the classroom. It always had kids stopping in the hall to see how we were doing. Our book buddies loved to check on their buddies progress! (which is so sweet) All of my kids got their shirt and they knew what that meant... PIZZA! Today was our pizza party. I decorated the room like a luau, each kid got a lei, and a fun tiki! It was just great to see them strive for a goal and reach it! (The custodian even got in on the fun and brought us cupcakes for dessert!) Yummy!
After a long day at school, I decided I needed to get back into running. I haven't been making time for it for the past 3 weeks! I was nervous, but I knew I had to do it. I decided to run the program where I left off. Brave. I did it! I was so proud of myself because I ran 3 miles (first time since I started the program) in 38 minutes. I did have some walking in the mix for warm up and cool down and a small 3 minute walk. I was so shocked by what I have accomplished. Whew! Color Run, here I come! (I would like to get to a 30 minute 5k... a bit of work still to do)

Today, I took the time to try to start to catch up on my blogging. Again, I am determined to keep up! I went through the days and just jotted down what had happened. I will elaborate more and publish! 

Have a great night. 

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