Sunday, April 1, 2012


THE DAY IS HERE! Bring it on!

Mia Grace and Zooey Claire were baptized this morning! It was such a blessing to see them starting their journey as Christians. Beautiful dresses, jewelry, family, and God. It was gorgeous... and they did a GREAT job! Check out a few of the pictures:
 The Bracelets I Made for the Girls
 Mia Grace... giving the stink eye...
 -Zooey Claire-
*Me and Papa:: He Smiled!*
::Surrounded by Family::
 With My Mia
-Double Duty-
Immediately after the baptism... BABY SHOWER!
So, I headed straight for the baby shower. Good thing my mom and sister were home and able to help me get all of the stuff to the shower. I will do a separate post about the shower. So many pictures to share! It turned out fabulous and the world is going to be blessed with two beautiful babies! I can't wait to meet them! Stay tuned for the shower update...

May God Bless Mia Grace and Zooey Claire! They are blessed already with wonderful parents and a loving family. <3


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