Sunday, April 8, 2012


He is Risen...He is Risen Indeed! (Happy Easter to all!)

This morning, John and I tried out a new church that is pretty close to us with our friends Braden and Heather. It was a very small church, but I like it like that! It was so great to be greeted and included. It was like a piece of home had come to Columbus. I love that about my church at home... so inviting, kind, and chatty. The pastor was kind and the company was around our age with small/new families. It was nice to 'fit in' and not be the babies of the church. They showed one of the cutest videos I have ever seen. I don't know if it is because I teach kindergarteners or everyone thinks it is cute. (It just is funny how kids think perspective) Check it out here (and watch the whole thing):

They even had extra Easter Lilies and we got to take one home! :) I think we will go back next week!

After church, we stopped by the house to gather our goodies, and headed to Pete and Tiff's house to celebrate with some family (John's side). When I say some... I mean a lot. There are a total of 10 adults and 9 children. 19! It is a packed house that is always fun and eventful. After a delicious lunch, we headed outside for an egg hunt. I helped out Sebastian and Remae. They had so much fun! The kids all colored eggs, made crafts, and just hung out like cousins do. The adults were all in food comas, so we sat and watched the Masters. Check out some of the goodies John and I made to share:
 (Rainbow Fruit Skewers)
 (Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries with Chocolate Drizzle)
 (Deviled Eggs...)
(Close Up and Colorful)

After eating a ton at Easter, we headed to meet up with Kristi and Nate at Pei Wei. KJ and I met when we were younger at Camp Presmont. Church camp was so much fun for the years we attended! Alissa and I always made sure we had the most food for our cabin. KJ and I have kept in touch and it was great to get to see her! We got to catch up and talk about her newest adventure... TWINS! (I am glad my friends are having twins.. it makes my chances smaller.. haha) It is always great to see friends! I can't wait to meet the two little misses or misters! 

Back home to our babes, Adi and Aspen. We have been so busy.. they probably think we hate them. Tonight, they have been running around like crazies! I am glad they are getting their exercise now.. not when I head to bed! 

*I hope you all had a blessed and wonderful Easter. It is a wonderful reminder of how magnificent our God really is and what he did for EACH of us. In church today, the topic was... we should START celebrating now! He is RISEN. He is Risen Indeed!*


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