Thursday, April 5, 2012


Today... I didn't get to sleep in. I had to be up and at 'em in order to greet the cable guy. Last night, the cable box went crazy... and wouldn't work. So, this morning.. I got to hang out with the cable guy as he fixed the cable. It was fixed.. but I lost all of my DVRed shows. Bummer city! Because of how busy I have been... I had a lot to catch up on!

Moving on... I headed to work. It was a pretty good day. Rather cold for recess time, but we stuck it out. The school has this cyclone part of their playground. It looks like so much fun and the kids are always on it! Today.. I decided to try it. WOW! How do they do this? I almost lost my lunch. I was dizzy for the following two hours. <yuck> One positive: I had a parent ask if I have been working out! What a great thing to hear when I have really been watching my food intake and trying to run. With the busy schedule, it has been hard to make it all work. I am glad that she noticed. It validated my efforts.

Home to figure out the DVR and get my shows re-scheduled. I hate to be a TV junkie, but I just am! ((guilty as charged))

I can't find a fun picture of the spinny thing to share.. I may have to take one tomorrow and share!

Off to be a tv junkie! :)

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