Sunday, April 1, 2012


Let the baking begin!

I have so much respect and love for my sister-in-law Tiffany! She rocks! For the upcoming weekend, I had a lot of baking to do. Immediately after school, I headed to visit Tiff, and she helped me out.

Baking To Do List:
Cupcake Decor
Cake Decor
Cake Pops (70)
and, for Pete: Add wood to the cake stand...

I WISH I would have taken a picture of the mess that we made in her kitchen. It was rather comical to see the amount of supplies and 'garbage' as we created and created. We got it all done, and were ready to fondant... then we looked at the container. I bought buttercream, not fondant. Not to be discouraged, we made our own marshmallow fondant (I think it was fabulous...tasted like a circus peanut!)

After six hours of baking and decorating... we are definitely ready for cupcake wars! I had to finish the cake pops on Saturday, but everything looks fabulous!!! Check out some sneak peeks:

(Cake Topper Preview)
I am so glad I have Tiffany in my life. She is so creative and we can definitely get lost in the 'craft'. When do we meet next Tiff?



  1. of course I L.O.V.E. this post!
    I think it needs to be a monthly thing ;-)

    1. I agree.. but then, we would eat the results... and I don't think that is in our plan. haha <3