Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Monday! Teacher work day which means I was sort-of on double duty. I worked in the morning at SACC and then headed to my classroom to get things organized and make sure it was ready for the kiddos. There are more opportunities in the district (internal still) and I am looking forward to possibly getting an interview. The daydreams I have about a full time teaching job are happening more and more. I have to believe if I want to make this MY year!

After work, I headed home to clean up. As if I weren't "off" this week, my house was a disaster. I did the organizing, laundry, and 'picking' up. Tomorrow is floors. BORING! The wonderful schedule works when I work. One of my 'to-dos' for the day was get all of the DVRs updated. SUCCESS!

Off to bed early because I need to be well rested for the first day back!


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