Sunday, April 8, 2012


Forty days. I am impressed with myself and my writing. It has definitely been a challenge to keep it up at times with the schedules we have. But... I am... so moving on:


We had a lot planned for this day and I woke up excited! First, visit GG and GP at their new place! It is a blessing that they are in a place that they will be taken care of properly with minimal invasiveness. It is a fabulous thing to see them sticking together through all of their moves and through life. They fully support each other at all times. It is a blessing to witness a 94 and 95 year old, but two that are so in love... remarkable! They loved the Easter basket... yumm! GG is doing wonderfully and we love visiting. We wish our schedules allowed us to visit more.

After our visit with GG and GP, John and I got to go on a DATE! You heard it... a date. It has been a while since we have had the chance to just relax and go out. With Easter being tomorrow, we headed to Easton to watch The Hunger Games and get in a fun shopping trip! TJ Maxx never disappoints. I found a SUPER cute dress for only $24.99 and a cute skirt. (I must brag for a minute: It was two sizes smaller than normal! Whew! It is paying off!) John got some new shorts and shirt. Check out my cute new dress...for Easter:
(I love it!)
The Hunger Games did not disappoint. John has not read the book, so I felt like I had to keep updating him, or giving him back-story. Other than that, I think it was a good way to portray the book. I enjoyed walking around Easton. Back in the glory days... (ODU Days) we always walked around Easton. A lot has changed! More stores... updated theaters... same ol' parking issues. After our date, we came home and got all of the goodies for Easter lunch ready. Pics will be up tomorrow! Have a great night!


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