Monday, April 2, 2012



Michelle's baby shower was RIGHT after the baptism. I am uploading the pictures from the shower. I was in charge of decorations, cake, and cupcakes. I think that it all turned out wonderfully! It looked great and the twins are going to be well dressed, diapered, and spoiled. Special thanks to Laurienne for helping with the decor! :)

Here are the details: 
 Cupcake/Cake Tower
 A Bit Closer...
 *New Cupcake Stand*
 Two Peas <3
 -Sign In Table- 
 Frame, BABIES, Advice Cards/Jars, and Banner Fun
 Gift Table
-Homemade Banner: Two Peas In A Pod- 
 Close up...
 -Table Setting-
 Frozen Peas in the Jar (just a fun touch)
 Place Setting with Cake Pop Pea Favor :)
 Cake Topper
 Family at the Shower
*Best Friends*

If you have any questions about how anything was made or where it was found, let me know and I will be sure to contact you via comment on how! Many things were inspired by pinterest... of course.. :)

Off to start my spring break... with a nap!


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  1. Hello Alexis ,I wanted to get something for Michelle's Shower. It's a surprise. Can you please direct me to the correct site and registry number to send her something? Thanks a million.

    Inbox me at Facebook,by the way it's SherrylAnn James :) thanks !