Sunday, April 22, 2012


Well, the day has arrived. I was pretty calm during the school day. This morning was a breeze and I knew that I have done as much as I could to prepare myself. I am not necessarily nervous, but more anxious. I know that this sounds corny, but I love to sit and talk about teaching with other people who love to do it as well. I think that going into the interview with a realistic view helps. I know that there are other teacher's out there. I just hope I am the one that they want to join their staff! Before I left for the interview, I had to do a quick change at school into my suit, freshen my make-up (it is amazing sometimes what I look like after a day in Kindergarten) and head off to interview. I had butterflies in my stomach because it is time! In the words of my loving husband, "Don't screw it up..." (semi-jokingly... we do need this and I think he knows that I need this for my sanity and he knows how much time and effort I put in behind the scenes)

Here comes the amazing Kinderquote:
As I am rushing down the hall to put my stuff in my classroom, grab my purse and portfolio, I walk swiftly passed one of my kindergarteners waiting on her bus. She is a sweetheart, but definitely has had her fair share of moments in kindergarten. As I am walking by, she says, "Mrs. Edmonds! Where are you going?" I never ignore a child when they speak to me. Just not my style. So I stopped and told her that I have a meeting to go to. She could obviously sense my urgency and butterflies. She simply responded, "Well, you look really nice!"
At that moment, the butterflies were gone and I knew I was ready! This little girl was able to do that by just giving me one compliment. What a moment. I will cherish it.

Off I went, to the interview. I think that it went well. There were six people in the interview. I don't get intimidated easily, but now looking back, I probably should be a bit intimidated, because they could potentially change my life.. .but that is looking back.

I should hear something within the next week or so. I can only pray that my personality and attitude toward teaching was represented and they would love to have me on their staff. God has a plan for me. I just have to trust that plan and be patient. It is easier said than done...I will admit that.

Off to bed trying not to over-analyze everything I said in the interview. (not going to happen)


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