Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Kindergarten Kickoff is over. I was slightly nervous about how it was going to go because of the newness of KSACC.

We started the night off in the Kindergarten rooms (my room was closed because I am on the other side of  the building) The parents and future students joined us to do a small school bus craft and their FIRST 'I Can' statement. The parents got a paper to fill out about their preference for next year and their possible enrollment in the KSACC program.

Next, we moved to the library. With a fabulous turnout, it was standing room only! It was a bit loud, but the parents got a folder of information and the principal gave me the chance to talk for a few minutes about KSACC. After the presentation and such, I had a good amount of people come up and ask me specific questions about the program. I think it is going to be pretty full next year too! That is exciting!

On a side note, I have been really working hard this year to create a program that is academically based and correlates to what the students are doing in kindergarten. So, when parents who you do not know or teach their children, come up to you and compliment KSACC! I had at least 5 families come up to me to tell me that they have heard so many wonderful things about KSACC and me! It made me smile.

Long night... off to bed.



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