Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Whew... two days in with kiddos and I am exhausted! You would think it was the first day of school... I didn't even rest on spring break, I worked!

Update on the 'eggsperiment':
The egg from yesterday is covered in bubbles, the shell is getting thin almost see through, and it is rubbery! I think you should ALL try it. It is fun and weird at the same time.

After the day was over, I headed home to let the dogs out and hang out. Duty called with dishes and picking up (doesn't it always). And of course... Adi was at it again.. barking at the new neightbor, "GUS". I must say, he is adorable and so small!

Time to catch up on the TV! I just can't help it. While I was watching I was working on the KSACC Kickoff video for Schultz. (for a friend) I had it done, just had to burn it to a disc. I burn it... it won't work in my dvd player or blu-ray. WHY?! It worked on both mine and John's computer.. but no.. not the actual dvd players. Any ideas or advice? I gave it to my fellow KSACC teacher and we got to have a fun chat!

On an exciting side note, I have an interview!! It is next week, and I will be sure to keep you SUPER updated on anything else on the job hunt. Keep me lifted in your prayers and help me stay positive about the job hunt. :)

Feeling inspired tonight...


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