Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Thirty Days!!! I am feeling accomplished!

Well today, school went wonderfully. We made jellyfish out of upside down paper plates and crepe paper! The kids loved them! They were swimming everywhere!! It made me smile just to watch their sense of wonder and their excitement.

After the bell rang and all of my kiddos where safely where they needed to be... my brain, for some strange reason, turned to MUSH!? I walked down to talk to a fellow teacher for a minute.. and forgot that I was supposed to tutor. I tutor the same child every Tuesday and Thursday for the past 4 months? strange...

Then, on my way to meet a friend at Polaris, I got two text messages. One from my friend asking to meet earlier which was perfectly fine... but I was still frazzled from missing tutoring. (I am obviously not one to make mistakes like this...) Then I get another text from my friends from my old school asking, "what time are we meeting, 4:30 or 5?" Immediately, what runs through my head... we are meeting? I thought that was Friday!? Again.. brain has lost it! (I will shop for the shower.. tomorrow) Here is a wonderful quote that sums it up:
(Courtesy of Pinterest)

After it was all straightened out, I got to see Courtney as she met me to drop of Michelle's gift AND Jennifer and Christine. Christine even had the babies! (I know, she is not a baby per say, but 2 is still a baby in my eyes) The little one even let me hold him and enjoyed my company!

I must say, I am glad that I am friends with people I work with. They are encouraging and never let me think about the negative. I am blessed with friends who care about me and really support me teaching. Dinner definitely reminded me that I was made to teach! (Thanks girlies<3) The journey has not been easy, but my day will come. Thank you for always supporting me Jennifer, Christine, and Khadine. You are truly a blessing in my life. We don't see each other often, but when we do.. it counts! This reminded me of you:

(Courtesy of Pinterest)

When I got home, I got straight to work on the cleaning. I have neglected to do it the past few days, so today I caught up. The kitchen is what I was dreading. I did a quick clean... I will organize next time. The dogs seem to be so calm when I clean up, then AS SOON AS I SIT DOWN, one is hitting the bell to go outside and then it is chase each other time, for about 10 minutes of constant barking and running. ((I hate when the vacuum lines are gone and I JUST vaccummed-They give me a sense of accomplishment!))

I am off to read some more of The Leader in Me and about writers workshop for Book Club Thursday morning...

Enjoy your night.


  1. wow it's been 30 days already???? seems like you just started blogging yesterday!!! congrats on blogging, it's sooo much fun and therapeutic! glad you got your stuff together and made it to dinner! love you lots! <3

  2. I am so glad we were able to get together even though we really missed Kden!! I always look forward to our lunche/ dinners out!
    Alexis - you are an AMAZING teacher. You deserve the job!