Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Today was very productive on the homemaker side of the picture! I got to go to the chiropractor. Who would have thought that an alignment would alleviate so much pain. I went to the store and got to get the invitations for my best friend's baby shower! She is expecting twins, and I am nominating myself as an official aunt. She is going to be blessed with a little girl and a little boy! I am looking forward to getting the decorations for the shower and helping with the nursery!

As many are thinking, it is only a matter of time...well, yes, but I would like to keep my dream alive to become a full time classroom teacher. I know that is sounds silly when I read it back, but the truth is, I have worked and worked to become a better teacher. I have continued my education, worked in different grade levels. I am ready! I want to reach my goal, get settled in, and then think about adding to our family.

I must be on my way... I have invitations to rhinestone! Every girl needs a little rhinestone in her life... or maybe that is the dancer talking!

Here is how they turned out--> *blurred for privacy*


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