Sunday, March 4, 2012


WOW! I did it! One full week of blogging! I have found it very refreshing and relaxing to sit back, and just write about my day. It really has made me think about the writing process and the different aspects of writing. I hope to transition this blog gradually into a blog about my teaching and the classroom. But for now, I am going to just continue to write in order to make it my habit.

As for today, Sunday. I was excited to get to sleep in a bit. Wrong. (I went to bed super late because I was up, catching up with Alissa and Clayton. For those who do not know, Alissa is my cousin. She is two years older than me. She is a lot like another sister. We have always been really close.) Then, I was woken up at about 5:00am unexpectedly. Went, back to sleep and woke BACK up at 7:45 to get ready for the day. I had to get Kerrigan ready too!

The day began. I headed to breakfast at Bob Evans with some friends from church. My omelette was not wonderful, but it filled me up. We always have a great time catching up and chatting. We all grew up together in the church. We were Girl Scouts together, confirmed members of the church together, and the rowdiest Sunday School Class led through our teenage years by our trusty leader, Heather! She has been a wonderful role model and we are blessed beyond belief to have her in our lives. She always makes us laugh, talks us through any problems we are having and accompanies us on our trips to the zoo! Look how gorgeous the window is in our church-->

Of course, after breakfast, we headed to church. I am amazed every time I enter how warm and welcoming it is. Grace Presbyterian Church has been a integral part of my life! I grew up there. We are one big family at the church. We laugh together, we cry together and we definitely EAT together. Because we are so close knit, we got to throw our new Youth Minister a BABY SHOWER! (Baby Boy Connor will be here so soon!) Our church always finds a way to get together and eat. So, we did just that! We got to celebrate baby Connor and Lisa with food, presents, and diapers. She got a LOT of diapers! Congratulations Lisa, David, Olivia & James!

After the shower, I was off again, Kerrigan in tow, to the dance studio. If you don't know me or just met me, the dance studio is my home away from home. I found my passion to teach in the studio. I have been a dancer since I was 2! (that is 23 years... if we are counting) This past year, I gave up my position to teach at Oglebay Institute School of Dance to focus on my teaching career. It is hard to know that on Saturdays, all of my students are dancing. Today I got to return to the studio to work with a family friend on a dance for a dance line try-out. I got to see Cheryl and a few students. I got to dance for 2 hours too! It was exhausting but amazing all at the same time. ((Note to self: Keep Dancing! It just made me beyond happy)) Since I have left the studio, there was a gorgeous addition added outside. Oglebay Institute School of Dance is located among beautiful gardens full of copper statues. It made for great homecoming and prom photo ops! (believe me, we took advantage of that!) They added a dancer statue! It is gorgeous and truly emulates the art that is created in that building. I am of course blessed beyond belief to have found OI and become part of their dance family. They build me up in ways that I can't describe. Look how beautiful-->
After dancing, Kerrigan and I headed to my dad's building to pick up a few things. We got to see Aunt Nancy and Lydia again as well as PaPa (my grandfather, her great-grandfather) He, of course, fed us chicken noodle soup and we were on our way. The wonderful thing about PaPa's house is that it has a creek surrounded by HUGE trees that seclude the land. Well, with the recent high winds, a few trees fell down. It looks strange with the big gaps! I guess this just means more firewood for our cookouts!
Headed back to get a bit of a Mia fix! I just love her! She is changing so much, so quickly. Today, she decided she should eat the bread in the bag. It was hilarious to watch her pull it away from Clayton. She loved chewing on it!

We got a quick picture! Look how adorable that smile is! <3

Made it home safely, caught up on the blog, and am now headed to bed. Full week ahead! KSACC next week: Arctic Animals. Check back for more details! 


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