Sunday, March 25, 2012


Sunday. A Day of REST. (not so much...)

I got to sleep in and John made me eggs and toast! Yumm!

Then, it was off to get work done. I have a long list of things that need to get done. It is painful to look at!

First on the list, get things prepped for this weekend for the shower and for the baptisms. My goal today was to make a list of needed things as well as make the Easter basket filler for Mia and Zooey. I made it and had to blog! It is so cute, easy, and reusable! Perfect!
Here are the simple directions... pictures included:

1. Choose your fabric(s) <I used remnants>, pinking shears, and ribbon.

2. Cut the fabric with the pinking shears into pieces/strips. Mine were about 2.5 inches wide by 8 inches tall. (I just used the folds in the fabric to guide the scissors) They do not have to be perfect. Because I wanted the colors on both sides of the tie, I kept the fabric folded partially, so it was "two-sided".

3. String the ribbon (the length you want) between two chairs.

4. Start tying! I did just a single tie, then moved on. I did one color at at time to create the pattern. On my second one, I cut ALL of the fabric, and I just had to tie, tie, tie. It was easier to have it all cut then to tie.
 (yellow and blue)
(yellow, blue and pink)
(yellow, blue, pink and green)

5. After all of the pieces are tied on, I spread them out and 'fluffed' them. They were still taught because of my tying, so I fluffed.
All Fluffy!!

6. Find a cute basket... (I only had this box, still cute) and lay it inside! Then, fill with goodies!!

I, personally, think they turned out super cute! 

**I think that this could be used in photos too... I made some for my favorite twins, so they might get to use them in their newborn pictures! :) **

Happy Crafting!
Off to do some more for the shower! <3


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