Saturday, March 10, 2012


Saturday! WOO HOO! I got to sleep in today...snuggled with the puppies. They are beautiful and I should share a picture:
(she doesn't share well)
After getting ready for the day, I headed to run a TON of errands. I headed into school and got my copies and plans done. I went to the baseball fields to get them lunch. (Baseball season has arrived). I got to visit Tiffany, Pete, Ellia and Remae! I had to talk to Tiff about the upcoming baby shower. She is a wizard in the kitchen, so I went to get a handle on the plans that are in my head. I got my portfolios printed, delivered one, and even got to buy dinner from a delicious BBQ place in Delaware. (They give FREE pickles! I can't pass that up!)

John and I got to enjoy dinner with no dishes. The dogs were exhausted when I got home, and haven't woken up. I get to finish my lesson plans, upload, and create the newsletter. I enjoy getting all of my work done before Sunday. Then, I can truly enjoy and relax on the day of rest. 

Speaking of lesson planning, I am addicted to Pinterest and the wonderful ideas that I find. John doesn't love social media, but he doesn't complain when I make a new recipe from Pinterest! I try to at least USE what I pin. I want to do more of the crafts, but that takes money and time. I love the foods that I have tried. Check out my boards. You can follow me by clicking on the Pinterest symbol. The thinspiration boards that I follow really make me think about my weight loss goals. I have been trying to lose a total of 20 pounds by summer time! I am down 7 as of this morning. I haven't been to the gym in two weeks. That sentence gives me shame.... I MUST return. I can only lose more weight if I get going to the gym. I am still changing my eating habits, and refraining filling myself completely, but the gym can only help!

Time to SPRING FORWARD! I am already tired!


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