Thursday, March 22, 2012


Sorry this is a day late, but I was so busy last night, I didn't get a chance to write.

Well, after a day at school, I ran home to take care of the dogs and headed straight to Polaris Mall to meet up with Laurienne! (and I got to see Celia too!) We met to get some stuff for the upcoming shower at Party City. I will be making a lot of things from scratch with the help and guidance of Pinterest. The theme is 'Two Peas in a Pod' so we are going with the green and white color scheme... a hint of pink and blue, of course. I got to hang out with Celia! She is precious and getting so big! We bonded quickly.. could it have been my ridiculousness of making facing and trying to earn her love!? I did get a KISS goodbye. Laurienne said she doesn't just do that to anyone... so, I feel the love. Check out our photo session in the back of my car. (It was pretty sunny!)
 Oh, the binkie! 
 CHEESE! Piggie tails and all!
-Silly face, of course-

After we finished shopping, I headed to meet my fellow baseball widow for dinner. Yumm! We both got the same food, classic. Tito, our waiter, was trying to be a comedian. He wasn't that funny. Of course, on our way outside of the the HOT FRESH sign at Krispy Kreme lit the night! Jamie hadn't had them fresh off the line, so we had to go in and get one! We went in and the gave us a FREE one! Then we HAD to buy more. They didn't make it home and we definitely have a lot of running to do to get rid of those calories! We have a goal for this summer, and we are going to make it! 

Adi and Aspen thoroughly enjoyed sleeping on the temperpedic with just mommy! We spread out and and slept like babies! Look how well rested Adi was this morning! 
Off to write today's post... hehe


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