Monday, March 19, 2012


Day Twenty-Two! I am impressed with my ability to continue to write nightly.

Today was a good day in Kindergarten. With the temperature reaching close to 80 degrees, the classroom was HOT! We were all sweating. It was a great day to have our ice cream sundae party! We got to have ice cream sundaes today because 13 of my 18 students have earned their T-Shirt level in the reading challenge. YUMMY! (Of course, they all wanted the whole shebang... chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and of course sprinkles!)

After school, I headed to the gym. My motivation is waning. I don't love to work out... but I need to keep it up. Today, I headed to the gym and was expecting to repeat the last run from the day before. I was quickly mistaken! I checked the app on my phone, and eeeek! It was warm up, run 20 minutes, cool down. WOW! I was nervous to even start. I made it through! I did take two 30 second breaks, and one break mid-way for my inhaler, but all in all, I ran 20 MINUTES! I am proud of myself.

What will the next run bring? I am scared to check!

I am going to start the process for the girl's Easter baskets soon. I am also, of course, going to be making it a habit to clean each night! That is up next, after I type this post.

(I bought The Hunger Games at Wal-Mart today.. so I may get in some reading tonight too!)

Have a great night!


(I see this all the time and I think it is time to print it HUGE and hang it somewhere visible)

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