Monday, March 12, 2012


I do not always loathe Mondays. Sometimes, they really get the week off to a great start. My students today were very mellow (could have been a reaction to the time change). I have a very important week ahead of me. I have an INTERVIEW! This interview isn't for a specific position, but it is more like an entrance interview. I will be interviewing on Thursday, so I will update on that day. I have a lot of research to do for the specific school district to make sure I am on my game!! (So, if you pray... pray for me on Thursday that this door may be the one that leads to a job and security in my life) I am stressing a bit, so I am going to move on!

I thought I would take this moment to talk about my lesson plans. There are only a few... ok 11 more weeks of school... left. Because I am not in a 'real' classroom, I am able to plan the way I want, with no curriculum guides, specific curriculum to follow, etc. I do follow the standards and I try to use the same types of literacy that they use in the regular classroom. I get the freedom to do weekly themes. I love themes because the standards can be re-visited but with a new "look". I had all of my themes planned on specific weeks before the school year started. I used the overview of my plans to really lay out my lessons for the week. I put it in the front of my clear lesson plan binder so that when it is closed, and laying on my desk, I can read the lessons at a glance!

Here is a blank version... feel free to use it. If you want me to change anything, let me know in the comments and an email address and I will try to send you one that is personalized.

Hope you enjoy! Have a great night... I am off to prepare for Thursday! :)


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