Thursday, March 15, 2012


Well, as I sat here relaxing I remembered a great moment from today, so I think I should share.

Because I did not work today, I had two subs in my room (am and pm). I was nervous about leaving my kiddos, but I knew they were in great hands! So, after school today, I headed in to check on the room, all of the things that they did and get the room ready for tomorrow. Most of my students go to the School Age Child Care program after school.

You would have thought I hadn't been in school for weeks by the reaction I got from my kiddos. It was very heartwarming! They ran up to me, gave me hugs, and told me all about their day! I was so excited for them and just hugged them!

So, one little girl comes up to me:
R:"Mrs. Edmonds, where were you today?"
Me: "R, I was at a meeting today..."
R: (cocking her head to the side and just grinning) "Why couldn't we go with you?"

If only they could have come...

They would have made everyone at the interview relax a bit... don't you think?


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