Sunday, March 18, 2012


This morning was pretty calm and started off with a lovely breakfast of Eggo waffles with the hubs! Yum! John had to leave for baseball, so I decided to look on Pinterest... I saw a pin about spring cleaning in 8 hours and I was sold. (I repinned it if you want to check it out. Follow me!--->) Anyway, I decided, since I have everything for school tomorrow ready, I would clean. The house has taken on the lovely smell of 'dog' and I hate it! So, off I went... cleaning every little nook and cranny in my upstairs. Dusting, vacuuming, laundry, sweeping, swiffering, etc. The dogs were in a bit of their own little heaven when all of the sheets, blankets, pillows and dog beds were in the hallway. I cleaned so well, that when John got home, he said... it is like when we moved in! So clean and smells amazing! WOOT WOOT! I officially got rid of the 'dog' smell.

Then, it was time to tackle the stairs. I insisted that we get a two story house when we were purchasing/building! WHY? The carpeted stairs are a bit of an annoyance. It literally took me like 25 minutes to vacuum them! Of course, I am using my vacuum cleaner with the attachment. It was quite the workout.

Anyone have any solutions or ideas on how to vacuum the stairs an easier way? PLEASE comment them. I will try anything!

After cleaning the entire upstairs, John was home and grilled burgers (during the tornado warnings with sirens blaring) They were delicious! Just what I needed after all that work. I still have the downstairs to tackle. I am debating whether to just do it tonight, or wait until tomorrow... we shall see...

My sister-in-law had a nice little schedule of when she would do certain chores. It seems like a GREAT plan if you can get it all done that specific day. The good thing is, the list per day is pretty short, so it would be easy to do after school. It is going to take a lot of dedication on my part. I want it to become a habit!
Here is my 'Daily Household Cleaning' Schedule-->

If you want me to send this to you, just let me know. I am going to hang it somewhere I can see it, and get to work!

My injury from yesterday didn't slow me down today, but I am paying for that today. My thumb is really hurting. It sounds pathetic, but it does. Going to ice and rest.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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