Tuesday, March 20, 2012


84 Degrees on March 20th! 

After a great day at school (day two of ice cream sundaes) I decided I would take Adi to John's baseball game. The game was moved to home, so I knew I could make it!

After a quick run to the store, I came home, ran around getting the dogs fed, and then headed to the game with Adi in tow. She love to put her head out the window of the back seat! She also loves going on trips. She can handle the car ride and will just 'hang out' in the back seat. I don't complain one bit! Aspen (the beagle) is another story. She stayed home today...

The wonderful thing about Adi is that she draws a lot of attention. She is a bigger dog. She is a mix of a cane-corso and neopolitan mastiff. We thought she would be bigger, but she is staying steady at about 90 pounds. She is beautiful and very gentle. She will just sit and watch her surroundings. 

So, we get to the game. We walk over and hang out with John's dad for a bit before he heads home. Adi, in true form, just wanders and looks around. A small kid, I would say 4, comes up to Adi and asks if he can pet her. I have never had any issues with Adi and children. (I think my dogs know it is a requirement to deal with all and any torture from children under the age of 10...) So, thinking he would just pet her, I said, 'sure'. Well... the cutest thing ever happened next! This little boy and Adi were about the same height. They were face-to-face. He just grabbed her face and squished it all around! Adi just loved the attention! It was adorable to see him just get in her face and play with her. That same little boy came by us about 6 more times. How sweet. I think he used the bathroom just as an excuse to pet the puppy. 

Adi enjoyed the time outside and really liked all the people who would come and talk to her and pet her. She was in her heaven! 

Here are some super cute pictures of Adi at the game:
-Just 'Hanging' Out-

-We tested out the bleachers, she didn't enjoy the noises they made..but she was brave-

Have a great night & welcome to baseball season!


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