Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Let the job search ensue! I have had a lot of blessings in my life but my ability to land a full time classroom position has been... absent! I am working really hard, and updating all of my information. I hope to get a full time position for next year. I REALLY want my own classroom! (I know, I have a classroom now, but I want to be a school employee)

Resume Update: CHECK
Cover/Intent Letter Update: CHECK
Applications Updated: Work in Progress
Mini-Portfolios Created and Bound: Working on them...

I hope that my efforts in the classroom and outside of it show and my abilities speak for themselves this year. It would not only be a blessing but a dream come true!

I appreciate all of the support from my family and friends. We are all working hard and I know that we will make it one day! It is hard not to get beaten down by the process, but I always stand up and try again. That's how you persevere...right?

One song that got me through a really tough time is by Superchick: Stand in the Rain. It is about being persistent and working hard, and not letting anything get you down. ((listen here: )) I can be persistent as much as I want, but, if it is not in God's plan, it is not going to happen.

(cue random thought process) Church Camp... This reminds me...

I attended church camp from eighth grade all the way until I was a counselor and frequent visitor! Camp Presmont is beautiful and very inspirational. It not only would lead me back to the right path, but brought me together with fellow Christians who were feeling the same things I was. I will never forget Maureen. She led Senior High that week and she loves to sing! Bringing out the inner teacher, she sang a Bible verse instead of just reading it. We all can still sing that song/verse to this day! (Don't deny it... you know you can!) It is a very strong passage that truly gives me hope on the days where the classroom I yearn for seems so far away.
Check it out:
(I think I need this plaque for my house...right by the door!)

Although the long road continues, I know deep down that I will get my classroom. I am not a quitter by any means, and one day, there are plans for me... of hope and a future!

I will keep you updated on the job search!


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