Tuesday, March 6, 2012


It sure was a Monday! I stayed late at school today to get all of my plans uploaded, copies made, and organized. WHEW! It feels GREAT!

My students are keeping track of the minutes they read AT HOME. We have a contest going on where they can earn prizes and I have a graph on the bulletin board outside of my room. The challenge is for everyone to read 210 minutes, the TSHIRT level! If we all get a T-Shirt, we get a pizza party! YUMM! They are very excited and today, I gave away the seventh shirt. (Once we got six, popcorn party...once we get 12, ice cream sundae party, once we get all 18, pizza party!) We get to have our popcorn party tomorrow. Check out the bulletin board I have to keep track.-->

*note: this is outdated and not reflective of the current T-Shirt standings*

As a teacher, it is hard to sometimes get parents involved at home to read with their students. This is a great way to keep them focused and see their results. It also adds in a bit of math! 

Have a great night!


  1. That bulletin board looks amazing! Great idea!

  2. Thanks! It is amazing how helpful a yard stick can be! The kids are loving watching their minutes rise!! You could do this for AR!

  3. Awesome! Just what I was looking for!

  4. I love your bulletin board. Is it based on the honor system. Do you take the students at their word that they have read the minutes?

  5. Could you post a pic with the t-shirt? Thanks, i love this and yes....do you go on the honor system, do parents initial and write back how many minutes, etc?