Thursday, March 15, 2012


Today, I am writing EARLY! A few great things happened today:
1. I had my interview and I think it went pretty well.
2. After two weeks off, I worked out.

I want to thank all of those out there who were praying for me today. I was able to stay calm and focused.

I have fallen off the bandwagon on the working out. I have been doing the couch to 5K program that I have a cool app for on my phone. I would have never thought to myself that I could be a runner, but a friend of mine and I always joked that we wanted to be addicted to running like the runners! So, I started the couch to 5K program. (My sister and family and friends have all decided to enter a 5K) Lucky for me, DCS is having a 5K that I may join in on just to prove to myself that I can do it! Today, after two weeks of NO running. I thought I may die... but I didn't do terrible! I am on week 6 of the program and it is a 5 minute warm-up, run 9 minutes, walk 3, run 9 minutes, then cool down for 5 minutes. I made it through the first run doing well... then the second run came around, and WHEW was I struggling. I didn't have to use my inhaler, but I didn't make it through the last run. I didn't stop, but I struggled! I know that I cannot let working out take a backseat. It is definitely a struggle to make it a priority. Life just seems to get in the way... whether it be school, family, dogs, etc. I must keep focus!

I was more nervous today about how my students would be with a sub. This is the first time I have missed and it is a big stress. I wanted to make sure that everything went smoothly and the same procedures happen so that the students are comfortable and still learning. My mind was spinning this morning! But, all in all, the day went well and learning happened.

I am going to relax for the rest of the night. I think it is a much needed and well-deserved.


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