Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Today has been beautiful, from sun up to sun down! The weather has been perfect for relaxing and making the day run smoothly. Ohio in March isn't normally seeing temperatures in the high 60's, but I will take it! It was great to get the kids outside, and when I got home... I got to open all of the windows and air out the house. It is getting a little musty and 'wintery' in the house. The dogs loved listening to EVERY other dog in the neighborhood... resulting in a fresh hole in the screen door.

Still working on prepping for the interview. It is a bit stressful but still totally worth it in the long run. I am learning new things and I can use them in the interview.

Since today has been pretty mundane, I am going to get back to my 'studies' and get focused.

Keep praying that God will find me a job that will be best suited for me and my family.


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