Sunday, March 25, 2012


Today, I had to sleep in! I was from my all night read I did with The Hunger Games. I got to sleep in a bit and really take the morning slowly. I met John at his classroom after practice to get some things organized in his room. We were going to go my room, but I was still exhausted! So, we went to the store, and then home. I got to take a NAP! Uninterrupted, and no dogs!! It was amazing. I woke up and headed straight to babysit. I got to hang out with Mason, Kennedy, Hudson and Stella tonight! First, we just hung out outside at their house. Stella loved to swing. Mason was swinging his bat! He can really hit a ball. (watch out baseball camp... he is on a roll) We decided that we would all go pick up John and get some ice cream. Yum! So, into the nanny van we hopped! We got to go to Dairy Queen. Double Yum! Kennedy lost a tooth, so she had money to spend.. it was burning a HOLE in her pocket. (when it came down to it, she didn't spend... but it was the thought that counts with a six year old)

We then had a small adventure at my house... We got to play with the DOGS! Stella fell asleep in the car, and slept through the entire play date! (I do not know how, they were SCREAMING--good for her!) They loved chasing the dogs and just screamed and ran for a solid 35-40 minutes. Not only should they sleep good, so will Adi. Aspen loved that they were distracting Adi and she could relax. Adi was in heaven. She loved playing tug of war with them. She pulled them all around the house.. check out these fun pictures!

Look at Stella just hanging out getting some quality alone time while the others are in bed... She is a pistol, but so sweet!

Have a great night... we are all going to sleep well. :D


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