Sunday, May 13, 2012


My Journey with the Seven Day Diet
Day: Four (literacy night)

Food: Bananas and Skim Milk (or yogurt)

Breakfast: One banana and a yogurt (strawberry flavored Light and Fit).

Lunch: Yogurt (strawberry cheesecake Light and Fit) and a banana.

Dinner: Banana after school, 1/2 yogurt at home after literacy night.

Water Consumption: 4 bottles (8 glasses)

Morning Weigh In: 164.4

Thoughts/Feelings: No Diet Coke again. I was really worried about today. I am not a yogurt fan, but I have found a few that I like and can actually eat! This is a very recent development, so I knew this day would be a struggle. I shouldn't have. This was the EASIEST! I was not hungry at all! Whew!

Bring on Day FIVE!

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