Sunday, May 13, 2012


My Journey with the Seven Day Diet
Day: Three (jury duty day too)

Food: Fruits and Vegetables (no potato)

Breakfast: A large green apple, but I couldn't finish it.

Lunch: Salad of romaine and spinach with light italian dressing and a SMALL amount of parmesan cheese.

Dinner: Salad with different veggies and about 3 oz. of chicken with fat free ranch dressing. 

Water Consumption: 4 bottles (8 glasses)

Morning Weigh In: 164.4

Thoughts/Feelings: No Diet Coke again. Today I had jury duty. I wasn't as hungry as I thought I would be. I did have to go to the bathroom a lot! All this water takes a toll. I feel SO much better today. I am always tired, but I don't feel very tired today and I feel like I actually slept last night. I knew if I didn't have something on my salads, I would want to cheat, so I allowed myself a few things to prevent that. (water at dinner is not yummy)

Bring on Day FOUR!

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